Thanks to the position of Lo Tzeno, in the heart of Aosta Valley, it is possible to reach in a matter of minutes all the spectacular attractions of our region. Visits to the many historical sites, ski, walks and hikes, horseback riding, swimming pool, golf, flights in airplanes overhead or hot-air balloons, rafting and mountain bike are only but a few of the activities among which you will be able to choose.

At Lo Tzeno it is possible to rent e-bikes to ride on the gorgeous cycle lain that, through Fénis, connects the city of Aosta to the town of Châtillon.

€25 for half day, €40 all day.

The guest house Lo Tzeno, only a few kilometers away from Aosta and the main roads of the region, provides information and brochures about the different activities offered by Aosta Valley.

Winter sports

Aosta Valley is a true paradise for winter sports fans. Indeed, some of the most prestigious mountains of the Alps are here: Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, Matterhorn and Gran Paradiso. The region offers about 1200 km of ski runs, 300 of which are for cross country skiing, plus a multitude of paths for snowshoes and exiting off-track itineraries which can be reached by helicopter or from the 23 ski stations and 10 snow-parks. From the more exclusive Courmayeur and Cervinia to the smaller ski stations, the guesthouse Lo Tzeno is always at the center.

But Aosta Valley is a destination worth exploring also during the rest of the year.


In Aosta Valley there are many castles, almost one for every village. Some of them are now in ruin, but others are well preserved tourist attractions. Counting more than 80 thousand visits every year, the castle of Fénis is the most well-known, also thanks to the fact that it appeared in several famous Italian movies and TV shows. Right after entering Aosta Valley, the first visible major castle is the Bard fortress, which often hosts expositions, concerts and other events and that was also chosen by Hollywood as one of the main locations for the shootings of the famous Marvel blockbuster movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron”.

A few kilometers further from the city of Aosta, it is possible to admire the Saint-Pierre castle, with its amazing fairy-tale look.


On top of the numerous castles, in Aosta Valley there are many museums; from the small ones scattered among the villages, to the larger and more important ones. Among the most popular museums there are:

The museum for the typical crafts of Aosta Valley, in the village of Fénis, where it is possible to admire the thousand-year-old craftsmanship tradition of our region, which is still being passed on, generation after generation.

The Bard fortress and the Museum of the Alps

The Archaeological Museum of Aosta

The Megalithic Area of Aosta


Aosta Valley is also famous for its parks, botanical gardens and hikes in nature.

Ancient frescoes and roads, Roman bridges, paths and mule tracks tell the long history of the Gran Paradiso National Park, which can be accessed from the town of Cogne, known as the oldest natural reserve in Italy and where it is possible to observe a vast number of animal species, including the Alpine ibex, symbol of the park.

From the village of Champdepraz it is possible to reach the Mont Avic National Park, a real stronghold of biodiversity, with its wide variety of uncontaminated landscapes. In the forests of larches, beeches and pines you will be able to enjoy the view of the typical Alpine fauna, such as the iconic ibex and chamois, and to follow many itineraries leading to very recommended spots, like the lakes of Champorcher and Champdepraz.

The guesthouse Lo Tzeno is always the center.

The mines.

Already during the Roman age, Aosta Valley had seen a growing number of mines. In the 17th and 18th century, for instance, large quantities of copper and iron were mined and destined to the Savoy arsenal.

Many of these mines are also great vantage points to breathtaking landscapes, making them tourist destinations that combine nature with industrial archaeology.

Among the most famous are the ones of Cogne and Saint Marcel, which can be reached through a path that starts only a few kilometers away from the guesthouse Lo Tzeno and along which one can admire the famous green waters.