Lo Tzeno was built on the ruins of a dwelling from the 17th century, surrounded by an ancient vineyard and a forest of oaks and chestnut trees, which was once owned by the noble Challant family.

Lo Tzeno is an oasis of peace and comfort in the heart of Aosta Valley, where nature’s beauty meets the rich local culture. Thanks to its position, Lo Tzeno is very easy to reach, and it is the perfect starting point to explore all the best spots in our region: from the many historical sites to the breath-taking landscapes; from the ski resorts to the lively city of Aosta.

The history of Fénis, the ancient town where Lo Tzeno is, was always bound to the House of Challant, which ordered the construction of the caste that is now the symbol of the town. The Challants were a noble family from Aosta Valley who gained influence in the 12th century and enjoyed great power during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, during which they ruled a large part of the region on behalf of the Savoia family.

The ruins of two dwellings from the 17th century are still visible in the estate of Lo Tzeno, which is also close to the fortified mansion of the noble De Tillier family, dating back to the 14th century.