Lo Tzeno offers not only breakfast to its guests, but, on reservation and with a fixed menu, also lunches, dinners, brunches and snacks with genuine, farm-to-table ingredients of the local tradition.

For now the only dinners proposed are those served in the evening spa when booked.

Thanks to rigorous nutrition studies and to a twenty-year experience in food preparation in mountain restaurants, we can deliver to our guests a culinary experience which combines wellbeing, taste and tradition. Nothing is left to chance: from the cooking techniques to the ingredients, personally selected from the local farmers.

Not everything is local though. The extraordinary olive oil, produced by our family, comes from the fields of Rieti and Viterbo, close to Rome.

The culinary tradition of Aosta Valley is still strictly bound to its territory, which, on top of providing typical ingredients such as apples, pears, chestnuts, honey and game, influences the agricultural processes. The ancient vineyards look like they were carved on the side of the mountains, and the farmers still follow a centuries old seasonal cycle in which they lead their cattle in the thriving, high altitude pastures, to then descend again to the villages before the winter season, during which the cows only eat local hay, harvested during summer. This particular diet, based on hay, grass and flowers from the Alps, makes our cows’ milk the only one that can be used to produce the famous Fontina cheese. Furthermore, these ancient techniques, so distant from modern industrial farming, respect the wellbeing of both the animals and the land.

At Lo Tzeno, this ancient mosaic of nature, history and tradition meets the passion for the culinary arts and the study of nutrition, to offer to our guests the best possible enogastronomic experience.

At Lo Tzeno you will find all the typical dishes of Aosta Valley; from the Valpellinentze soup to the many variants of our polenta; from carbonada to tegole; and also, raclette, burguignonne, wild deer and boar meet, stews, Fontina and other alpine cheese, a wide variety of sausages and the famous lard from the village of Arnad, together, of course, with the best wines from our region and followed by typical liquors and drinks such as grappa, genepy, vin brulé and the evocative friendship cup.

On top of all this, Lo Tzeno offers a multitude of dishes from the national tradition, like lasagne and many different kinds of pasta, and our extraordinary olive oil.