At Lo Tzeno, only a few steps away from your room, you will have the chance to relax in the sauna and in the hydromassage pool.

In a few seconds, the elevator will take you to our SPA consisting of 5 hydromassage seats, 2 aerotherapy beds, 1 spot for a thigh massage, 1 spot for a plantar massage, a path for plantar massage and thigh toning and a waterfall for a neck massage.

The SPA is also open to customers who are not staying at Lo Tzeno.
Entrance €25 per person.
Rental of bathrobe, towel and flip-flops €8
Opening time 15:00-19:00
Minimum age 14 years

Water is the source of life. Not only do we have to drink enough of it every day, but we can also use its potential in different ways, for the wellbeing of our bodies and minds. Hydrotherapy is a branch of alternative medicine which harvests the many different beneficial powers of this natural element.

Water cleans and purifies but, if used wisely, it is also capable of relaxing muscles and giving a sense of peace to the whole body. It can also have anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects, it can stimulate blood flow and metabolism while also toning and energizing.

The following is how water, so important for our wellbeing, has a central role at Lo Tzeno:


Cold shower is a way to use water’s power to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation and to activate metabolism. It is also an effective and easy way to alleviate stress and gain new energy.


In contrast showers, hot and cold water are alternated, which has several benefits: it increases the body’s resistance and it tones it up, it improves the metabolism and has a depurative effect.


Water makes us feel light and allows us to be more agile, which is great for those exercises that would otherwise be heavier or more tiring. Water gym helps the lymphatic drainage; the process through which toxins and excess liquids are eliminated.